Introducing the Sensa Copilot

Resolve financial crime investigations up to 70% faster. Sensa Copilot harnesses the power of generative AI to create easy-to-understand narratives explaining why a an alert was triggered and how much risk a suspicious entity poses to your organization.


Deliver Superior Business Value

Stop Financial Crime

Effective, Proven Crime Discovery

It’s more important than ever to partner with a detection platform that keeps pace with both technology and crime evolution. Sensa is already prepared to meet the challenges posed by the inevitable convergence of the fiat and crypto worlds. Today and tomorrow, discover hidden and missed malignancies. Eliminate pointless investigations. Discover risk causality among crimes such as laundering, fraud, corruption and trafficking from the most awarded company in Enterprise AI.

“SymphonyAI Sensa discovered new and previously hidden criminal attacks that we were completely unaware of using older systems. – Top 10 Global Bank”

Real Results From SensaAML

SensaAML Discovered
SensaAML Discovered
200% Rise

In Risk Discovery

6 Months

SLA based deployment

500% Increase

in operational productivity

Enterprise Fraud Protection

Agile solution for perpetual discovery

The lack of understanding of fraud creates inefficiencies within your wider business and managing the multiple systems, processes, and teams within your organization is challenging. Reconfigure the way you and your organization think and act against fraud. With unparalleled accuracy for complex and new crime detection, uncover unknown risk and make your organization future-proof with SensaFraud.

“Managing fraud is a balancing act. The accurate and timely detection that SensaFraud provides allows us to minimize our fraud losses without impacting our customers. – Large National bank”

Real Results From SensaFraud

3 Months results

Fortune 500 insurance company

$6 Million annual savings

Recovered Lost Fraud Dollars

7x Increase efficiency

on investigation decisioning

Real KYX Intelligence

Genuinely valuable, relationship insights

Boost relationship knowledge with deep, granular and actionable intelligence across the entire behavioral spectrum. Foster a winning strategy with a true understanding of risk, churn, sentiment, loyalty and competitive opportunity.

“The investment in SymphonyAI Sensa was proven within weeks, as a result of interdicting a set of complex, hidden cyberattacks.”

Global Telecommunications Company

Real Results From Sensa Churn Prediction

300 Million+

Customers of global telecommunications company

70% Better churn prediction accuracy


3 Weeks earlier prediction



An explosion of focus and associated productivity is realized when Sensa is used. The increased effectiveness and efficiency are natural by-products for our clients.


“It’s rare to get a product installed in months that changes the very DNA of how we understand our business.”

Regional Bank CIO


The world’s most innovative companies trust Sensa’s capabilities to find risk and opportunity previously hidden to traditional methods and analytics.


“We would not be where we are today without the insights of Sensa.”

Global CIO


Global organizations rely on Sensa’s world leading platform to revolutionize the discovery of risks, attacks and profitability.


“SymphonyAI Sensa’s approach is one of the top ten innovations developed at DARPA in the last decade ”


The World’s Most Advanced AI

We pioneered fully explainable and regulator comfortable AI. A powerful, enjoyable and complete experience from the day of deployment makes real the power and promise of AI.

Enterprise Scale

AI that works outside the lab, that scales to hundreds of billions of transactions, trades, customers, events, and more from day one.

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Find relevant, weak signals, hidden activity, and subtle events in large multi-dimensional data – structured and unstructured, labeled and unlabeled.

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Fully explainable results with regulator quality reporting, validation, and auditability. Recognized around the world for being the most comprehensible AI system available.

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