Financial Services

Discover the future of financial services

Built on the foundation of the most explainable and unbiased branch of advanced mathematical data science, Symphony AyasdiAI’s financial services solutions deliver intelligence-grade detection, discovery, and analysis capabilities.  Symphony AyasdiAI provides the world’s most powerful and accurate, contextual, holistic, alerting engine packaged with advanced integration and intuitive user interfaces for data scientists and data citizens. From risk to reward and revenue to retention, Symphony AyasdiAI’s suite of solutions addresses the hardest to solve, financial industry challenges in financial crime, risk, liquidity, and profitability.


Detect risk across the enterprise using more of your data than every before. Accurately assess risk through converged analysis from AML, fraud, cyber, surveillance, compliance, conduct, liquidity, credit, and beyond.


Understand your customers with unrivaled fidelity. Measure drivers of client profitability to optimize strategy and product offerings. Generate alerts for relationship managers to enable proactive management of the portfolio.


Discover the behavior, sentiments, and expectations of your customers. Get profound, real, granular, and actionable insight across the entire behavioral spectrum so you can upsell and market to your customer base in a relevant manner.





Built using world’s most powerful AI platform

Enterprise Scale

AI that works outside the lab. Be comfortable discovering risk and opportunities in billions of transactions, trades, customers, events and other data points. 


Find weak signals, hidden activities, and events in large multi-dimensional data, structured and unstructured and text, time series and any unlabeled data from any number of sources.

Application Framework

Not just analytics, but build whole intelligence applications and solutions seamlessly and quickly. Or integrate with your existing MLA and BI tools with contextual APIs available off the shelf.

Topological Data Analysis

A breakthrough in mathematical science integrating the value of supervised and unsupervised learning, – unique, powerful and granular – in discovering hidden behaviors in complex, dirty and poor quality data.


Fully explainable results with regulator quality reporting, validation and auditability.


A force multiplier for competitiveness, operational productivity and creating the intelligent enterprise. You’re simply not as smart without Symphony AyasdiAI.