Real KYX Intelligence

Truly Know Your Customers

Customer behavior is opaque, yet also the most critical piece of information in your relationship, product, and risk strategy. Sensa gives you a true, complete picture of the behaviors, sentiments, expectations and risks of your customers, vendors, employees, and partners.


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Customer behavior during COVID-19

Impact of Economic Strain on Customer Behavior

With no historical precedent, enterprises could not effectively understand changes in their customer behavior. Sensa was able to discover this new normal, with new indicators for service, credit, and liquidity risk decisions, opportunistic crime, and increased product opportunities.

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Personalized and Relevant Relationship Service

A technology-fluent customer will define the competitiveness of the future enterprise. Sensa gets you ahead of subtle, weak signals of early churn, sentiment and service challenges, product relevance, and relationship status. Now a global telco with over 300 million customers can predict sentiment, expectations, and probability of churn weeks ahead of the event.

Customer Sentiment, Churn, and Retention Management
Prediction three months in advance

Customer Knowledge Optimizing the Supply Chain

A global retailer, through analyzing purchases across thousands of stores, was able to discover new indicators in understanding customer sentiment. The result is a three-month advantage in understanding buying trends, a multi-point improvement in its supply chain, transportation and logistics, and a new generation of opportunities in its marketing personalization strategy.