Sensa: A Next-Gen Transaction Monitoring solution for VASPs

Transform your AML Transaction Monitoring program with a single system purposefully built to address the regulatory challenges of Virtual Asset Service Providers

Regulatory Pressure Is Increasing

  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have experienced exponential growth in terms of adoption over the last years.
  • Regulation is slowly picking up as well to ensure that these new technologies are not abused and don’t turn out to be dangerous as more and more people get exposed to them.
  • With that has come increasing scrutiny for VASPs and all of those companies who offer services in this growing industry.

Some of the challenges and opportunities specific to AML done by Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs):

  • Lack of transparent counterparty information
  • Customer activity spread on an ever-growing number of virtual assets (e.g. new cryptocurrencies)
  • All historical transactions visible on the public ledgers

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For monitoring suspicious behaviors of their customers, VASPs had to repurpose AML tools that were built for the fiat world.

Sensa fills the gaps of existing solutions by acting as a single centralized Transaction Monitoring system that tackles all of your regulatory risks.

  • Behavioral monitoring across both fiat and crypto transactional activity
  • Exposure monitoring delivered via partner ecosystem

Benefits of the Sensa approach:

  • Improve detection accuracy and investigator efficiency by collating a single consolidated view of fiat and crypto AML risk of your customers
  • Further reduction in false positives by taking a machine learning AI-led approach to transaction monitoring
  • Save on cost by reducing the number of platform subscriptions required
  • Increase new risk detection by getting a combined view of transactions across Crypto and Fiat ecosystems


The Sensa Open Ecosystem

  • Sensa’s open ecosystem allows seamless third-party integrations to pull in external data sources and take advantage of any supplementary data requirements to support the investigators workflow
  • Sensa can natively integrate with Blockchain Analytics providers to ensure your VASP’s customers never transact with high-risk wallets