Sensa is the world’s most explainable, transparent, and trusted business and risk discovery platform. Built for the biggest and most complex challenges, it delivers unparalleled insights and value to modern financial services organizations with superior accuracy, speed, and agility. Sensa consistently delivers true insights where and when its needed.  From uncovering financial crime and fraud, to optimizing  risk to truly understanding your customer, Sensa empowers you to not just solve, but surpass your business challenges.

Financial Crime and Fraud (FRAML)

Designed for the ultimate in transparency and built by experts, Sensa financial crime detection is the first-of-its-kind in tackling the hardest, most evasive financial crime challenges. Uniquely integrating signals from anti-money laundering (AML), fraud, trafficking, tax evasion, and cybercrime, these solutions super-charge the effectiveness of your financial crimes team. Demand at least 50x improvement in the effectiveness of your FIU operations when you use Sensa.

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Fraud controls are built up over time across ever-changing industry innovation and regulation, knowing where and how to update those controls is complicated and exhausting. Our approach is flexible and allows for SensaFraud platform to either sit alongside or replace existing controls. Refine your existing strategies across all fraud systems and data streams using SensaFraud.

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Real KYX Intelligence

Your customer is the lifeblood of your business. Who are they? What will they do? What risk or opportunity can they represent? Sensa can quickly identify and predict their behaviors enabling products and services to become laser-focused, anticipate risk and churn with unrivalled accuracy, and boost the relationship with the most critical part of your client strategy.

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Crypto Crime

To date, Financial Institutions have been largely ineffective at identifying and mitigating crimes involving crypto currencies. The anonymity offered to users of these currencies have created the perfect veil to hide their activities from the FI’s internal investigators. But with mounting pressure from regulators, a holistic and robust response is needed to avoid falling foul of compliance obligations. How can Sensa empower these institutions to improve their crime discovery from the illicit use of such funds?

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Customer Case Studies

Discovered $250 million in money laundering activity

Exposed $45 Billion In Laundering & Tax Evasion

For a large global bank, Sensa used exactly the same data as their incumbent monitoring system to discover previously missed criminality. This amounted to $45 billion in tax evasion, and exposed an additional $250 million laundered through shell companies in popular tax havens. These behaviors were found while generating over 60% reduction in false positives when compared to the existing system. The client experienced a 55x increase in its financial crime team effectiveness.

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Increased operation efficiency and detection capability

A major healthcare company (Fortune 500-ranked, global presence) were struggling to analyze their complex, transactional claims data sets. With a desire to become faster, smarter, and effective, they tagged SensaFraud for this challenge. SensaFraud increased operational efficiency by 7x. It created less fraud claims that were accurate. The resulting improvement in fraud detection led to the recovery of $6 million worth lost fraud claims in the first year.

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$6 Million In Lost Fraud Claims
300 Million Customers: 78% Accuracy Of Churn

Enterprise AI in action

With a global telecommunications company, Sensa uncovered complex behavioral patterns and signals for over 300 million mobile phone users. The scale and complexity of the data meant machine learning methods were powerless to accurately identify and predict the risk of churn. With Sensa they are now confidently predicting churn risk weeks in advance.

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