Decoding the Genome of Financial Crime: Innovating the Transformation of Money Laundering Discovery (Keynote Presentation)

BY The Sensa Team


It only took a year to develop a vaccine for a global health pandemic, but 20 years later, following huge investments and outlandish promises, we’re stuck in a losing status quo with no real progress in efficiently rooting out money laundering. Why?

Washing hands was not enough to stop COVID, and rules-based analytics are not enough to stop money laundering. Decoding the COVID genome stimulated collaboration and innovation for a vaccine in record time. Over the last year, Ayasdi pioneered a similar endeavor – to decode the genome of money laundering and tax evasion or the core behavioral indicators of crime. So what now if the opportunity existed for a profound transformation of the AML function, a material improvement of laundering discovery, and a resulting efficiency in cost?

Join Ayasdi to hear evidential and anecdotal insight on what a money laundering vaccine looks like, the mechanics of the challenges and opportunities we collectively face, and a pioneering, frictionless approach to ease the pain of the AML global business community.

Simon Moss

Symphony AyasdiAI

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