AyasdiAI Named #1 Artificial Intelligence Platform for Chartis RiskTech100®

BY Claudette Archer

We are honored to be recognized as the winner of the new Artificial Intelligence category for the 2017 Chartis RiskTech100® report. Chartis is the leading provider of research and analysis for risk technology globally and recognized as the most comprehensive researcher of risk and compliance technology companies.

The report states, “The market for AI in financial services is at a relatively early stage in terms of adoption. Chartis views this as a vital emerging sector, one in which Ayasdi – with its specific focus – is well placed to take advantage. Unlike many other AI in risk players, Ayasdi delivers proof points and practical use cases. As part of developing this report, Chartis analysts spoke to multiple globally significant financial services firms, and Ayasdi came up as one of a few AI players that are delivering real applications with real business value.”

Click here to get the report with the independent evaluation and description of AyasdiAI’s ranking in Chartis RiskTech100 2017.

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